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D3MAC: Dunclug Gardens, Dunclug Park, Dunvale and Milfield Action Collective (previously Dunclug Partnership) is a group of local residents who are passionate about improving their local area. The group plan to bring about change in the estates through environmental projects, youth projects and liaising with statutory bodies to ensure that community needs are met. The group work actively across all four estates in the area.


The group are involved in estate clean-ups, community fun days, best-kept garden competition and a Christmas event annually. 

Recently they held an open day in the community centre to discuss the projects they hope to run and to encourage local residents to support their work, which benefits the whole area. 

Volunteer Opportunities

The group have some empty volunteering slots and would be keen to hear from anyone who has a bit of free time on their hands.  Roles include:

  • Social Communicator – you know a bit about being online and writing posts
  • Fundraising – you know a good community project when you see one and you want to help support it.
  • Helpers – you want to see more positive activity happening in your area and have a free pair of hands to help it happen

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